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Some updates to the Colophon.

I picked up the habit of maintaining a Colophon on this site from John Saddington, a fellow aspie. I finally established a habit of at least looking at it (meaning my own) every month to see if it needs updating.

The two big changes this past month were changing my personal computing and travel platforms.

Back to Mac.

My primary computer at home is once again a Mac, mostly for creative purposes. I acquired an older (late 2013) model from a Facebook Marketplace seller here in the area for $400, and after doing the needed tweaks to get Apple’s new APFS properly running on its internal hard drive1 it purrs along nicely. I’ve previously owned a first-generation MacBook and three previous Mac minis that I’ve eventually gave away, sold, or traded in for various reasons (switching to gaming PCs or moving). Eventually I’ll attempt prying the display off to swap out the hard disk and 8 GB of RAM for an SSD and additional RAM, but for now it works just fine.

I had looked at getting a Mac again because of the Rylo camera I had bought at a steep discount because of the manufacturer having been sold to VSCO. While its mobile software is available for both Android and iOS, the desktop software (to be able to edit my 360° videos on a larger screen) is only on Mac, with no plans to release a Windows-based version. My interest in gaming has also waned the further I am in time from the reason I started PC gaming in the first place (to get over the boredom of being a widower) and I would like to get more creative.

I’m not leaving the PC world by any means—I still have the gaming laptop as my ‘power’ machine, and the Pixel 4 XL takes damn good low-light shots. I’m also looking at replacing my Chromebook and HP Envy tablet not with an iPad, but with a Lenovo Yoga Book (or possibly a MacBook, depends on how much that annual bonus at work is).

Goodbye, #doombuggy; Hello, EVE.

The ‘09 smart fortwo reached the hundred-thousand-mile mark last year (which also meant no more warranty), and over the last few months it finally started showing signs of its age. Once the airbag fault light turned on and the OBD started sending back all kinds of electrical fault codes, it was time to trade it in.

Thanks to the folks at Hertz Car Sales, I now have a ‘17 Toyota Yaris in white, with black interior, which immediately brought to mind WALL•E’s crush, EVE. So the new car picked up the nickname EVE. After running around all the Disney Outlets and Character Warehouses in central Florida I found some decorations (the decal I did myself on my Cricut).

  1. APFS was intended for use with SSDs, which don’t require defragmentation; but upgrading to or installing macOS Mojave forces you to change from HFS+ to APFS, even if the hard drive is not an SSD. In APFS, defragmenting is turned off by default, so you have to use diskutil to enable defragmenting on your hard drives or they will quickly slow down to a crawl. 

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