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My Three Words for 2020.

Ah, the New Year. I’m not going to argue whether or not it’s a new decade—the perfectionist wants to plant stakes on January 1, 2021, but 2020 is a nice round number. The change of the calendar always entails some kind of ritual for most people.

A significant ritual I adopted (or poached 😄) from Chris Brogan is considering three words to drive what I do every year. I’ll let him explain it.

These are mine for 2020:

  • Track. With the health journey that I started last year it’s become acutely important to track things—the calories I’m consuming, the number of steps I’m taking, my weight loss progress… it’s also become important in my daily work as well (where my job description is tracking things).

  • Share. Those who got my holiday letter now know how important this word is to me. I am the last of my line. There is nobody after me to pass anything down to. So I share my life with the Internet to hopefully pass on something worthwhile. Something I want to do a lot more of in 2020 and going foward with whatever time left I am given.

  • Wonder. Relocating out of Tampa and to Plant City a few months ago has lifted a lot of the stress and worries I’ve had the last few years since I suddenly found myself on my own. I have room once again to breathe and explore and rediscover a sense of wonder that I’ve felt like I lost over the last few years.

I’m interested in seeing your three words, too. You’ll find the #my3words tag useful for finding others’ words and gaining some inspiration.

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